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Athleta Shopping Party

Don’t miss this event! We’re excited to announce our partnership with Athleta for a shopping event October 24th.  A big thank you to ROW Board member Michele Willmott for making this partnership possible.

Enjoy a glass of wine and picking out some new workout gear while supporting ROW. 15% of your purchases will go directly to ROW.



The week leading up to June 15th was an exciting one for the ROW team.   We gathered on two occassions to wish our Coach, Jenn Gibbons, well on her quest to be the first person ever to row the perimeter of Lake Michigan.     On June 11th a large groups of ROWers and volunteers gathered at Jenn’s small apartment.  The team presented Jenn with a quilt to take on her journey that was made by a ROW member and signed by all team members and volunteers.  On June 14th, a lovely pre-launch reception was held for Jenn and ROW4ROW at the Chicago Yacht Club.  More than 150 people joined this event.

At 7am sharp on June 15th Jenn started her journey from Monroe Harbor in Chicago.  A group of ROW members and supporters wished her well, and there was a large media contingent.  The news coverage has been impressive and is already helping to spread the word about the importance of exercise as a tool to fight cancer!  Jenn is expected to make it back to Chicago in mid August.

To follow Jenn’s progress in detail go to



ROW’s first boat ‘Cindy’ is christened

On May 19th, a beautiful warm Chicago day, ROW’s first boat, a 4+ Hudson, was christened.  The ‘Cindy’ is named for a ROW teammate, Cindy Gerstner, who lost her battle with breast cancer a year earlier. The celebration was attended by ROW team members and many of Cindy’s family and friends.  Touching and inspiring speeches were made by Cindy’s brother and teammates.  A fitting mix of tears and cheers were expressed by all attending.  Afterward, Cindy’s novice squad teammates proudly carried the boat, and set her down gently in Bubbly Creek.  She was rowed by the founding ROW members, and was coxed by Coach Jenn and Cindy’s six-year-old daughter Sarah.  Sarah gave the crew commands and noted ‘this is my mom’s boat’.

The ‘Cindy’ is a cherished reminder of the love Cindy had for the water, for ROW, and of the importance of friends, family and living each day fully.  Watch for updates on ‘Cindy’s’  race experiences on July 7 at the Chicago Sprints regatta.

Back on the Water!

After 5 long months of rowing indoors, ROW returned to the waters of Bubbly Creek on April 23, 2012.  A group of 24 happy ROWers, coaches and volunteers launched two eight shells and had a wonderful evening.  ROW is especially appreciative of the new St Ignatius volunteers, as well as 2 new coxswain volunteers.  2012 promises to be a season full of new experiences where we learn, improve, get stronger and faster.

Chicago Sprints recap

[This is a guest post from ROW novice Amy Starin.]

Excitement filled the air at the Lincoln Park Lagoon as the women of ROW prepared for the 2011 Chicago Sprints. Fifteen ROW members competed in this years Chicago Sprints 1k regatta. This year’s Novice 4 were thrilled to be on the water in their first race and were very pleased with their results. All team members dry and in the boat at the end of the race and they didn’t finish last in their race class! The Masters 4 and Masters 8 teams did very well also, finishing their races with excellent form and style. ROW had the best cheering section of all the teams at the regatta, and the support was absolutely inspiring and heartwarming.

This team was in it for the competition, but also just the sheer sense of accomplishment from finishing the race and the camaraderie of the team. One of this years Novices who finished her cancer treatment in January noted that completing the race helped mark the transition from being a cancer patient to being a cancer survivor.

The team can’t wait for the next chance to compete!

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